About Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

For over one hundred year now, Sultanpur Jheel has been attracting birds. But it was only in 1969, at the Conference of the International Union of Conservation of nature and Natural resources (IUCN) in New Delhi, that the potential of this wetland was highlighted in official quarters. Peter Jackson of the IUCN, together with the late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi were instrumental in this regard and consequently on April 2, 1971, the Jheel (an area of 1.21 sq. Km.) was accorded Sanctuary status under section 8 of the Punjab Wildlife Preservation Act of 1959. The status of the park was upgraded to National Park under Section 35 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 on July 5th, 1991. Simultaneously the area was increased to 1.42 sq. Km. The National Park has been carved out of the land of Sadhrana, Chandu, Sultanpur and Saidpur villages.

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