Flower Images

Flower Images

Daisy Flowers

Daisy flower is a widespread flowering plant native to Europe and the temperate regions of Asia and an introduced plant to North America, Australia and New Zealand. It is one of a number of family Asteraceae plants to be called a “daisy”, and has the additional vernacular names common daisy, dog daisy and moon daisy.

Daisy flower is composed of white petals and a yellow center, although the flower can sometimes have a pink or rose color. Daisies are not made of just one flower. A Daisy is made up of two types of flowers – disk florets and petal-like white ray florets. The disk florets are at the center and the ray florets are at the periphery but they are arranged to give the impression of being a single flower. This arrangement on Daisies is a type of inflorescence known as a capitulum.

White Daisy

White Daisy

Pink Daisy

Pink Daisy

Pink Rose

Pink roses are elegant flowers that are a visually pleasing addition to any garden. For hundreds of years the rose has been widely recognized as a symbol of love, sympathy or sorrow. The rose can be used in perfumes. The nice scent of the rose comes from microscopic perfume glands on the petals. Sometimes rose petals are also dried and packed for commercial use as decoration or for scent.

Significance of each pink roses

Dark Pink Roses: If you want to express appreciation, gratitude, or to say thank you.
Medium Pink Roses: If you have a first love, want to congratulate someone or want to cheer up a friend who’s grieving or healing.
Light Pink Roses: If you want to show gentleness and admiration.

Pink Rose

Red Flowers Image

Red Flower Image

Wave Pink Petunia Flowers

Petunia is a type of flowering plant that belongs to the family of nightshades. There are 35 species of petunia that originate from South America. Petunia was introduced to Europe in the 19th century where it instantly gained popularity as decorative, garden plant. Petunia grows in areas that provides at least 5 to 6 hours of sun per day, on a well-drained, fertile soil.

  • Interesting Petunia Facts:
    Size of petunia depends on the variety. It can grow from 6 inches to 4 feet in height.
  • Petunia has green leaves covered with hairs. Leaves can be heart-shaped or ovate. They are usually alternately arranged on the stem.
  • Petunia can produce single or double blooms, depending on the variety. The most popular types of petunia are white, yellow, red, pink or purple colored. Flowers of petunia can also be multicolored, variegated and striped.
  • Petunia blooms from spring to autumn.
  • Most types of petunias are propagated via seed.
  • All types of petunia can be divided in 4 major groups: grandiflora, hedgiflora, multiflora and milliflora.
  • Common petunias are edible. Their flowers have sweet and spicy taste.
  • Petunias are annual plants, which mean that they complete their life cycle in one year

Pink Petunia Flowers

Bee Licking Nectar of Flower (Bee Pollination)

Bees purposefully visit flowers to collect pollen and nectar for food for themselves and their young. All bees have very high-energy needs that must be met for their survival. Bees need key resources such as pollen and nectar from a variety of flowers. Bees need these resources for themselves and their progeny. Many bees need water in addition to nectar.

Bee on Flower

Purple Pansy Flowers

It’s hard to beat pansy for a display of purple flowers in spring. This beloved annual perks up gardens in the cool months with its friendly faces. Pansies and violas naturally feature flowers in blue, purple, and lavender. But, plant breeders raided the crayon box to give us pansies of every color.

Note: Pansies are actually short-lived and are often treated as annuals or biennials.

Name: Viola x wittrockiana

Growing conditions: Grow in a well-drained location in partial to full sun.

Size: 6-8 inches tall

Zones: 4-10

Grow it with: Purple pansy flowers look brilliant when paired with oranges and yellows. Look for other cool-season flowers, such as African daisy, snapdragon, or the fun foliage of ornamental kale.

Purple Pansy Flowers

Pink Dahlia Flower

The Dahlia flower consists of numerous delicate petals that encircle a central yellow core known as the capitulum or floral head. Dahlias can be grown in varying shades of white, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple.

Typically, the dahlia will have a single head atop a leafed stem that can grow to be as large as 30cm in diameter. The bright, vibrant colors are used in place of any kind of fragrance or scent to attract pollinating insects and birds.

Dahlia’s are most commonly used for decorative purposes on cakes, tarts and pastries. Serve alongside cheese or desserts as a garnish. Remove the petals of the Dahlia and add them to grain or green salads to add a pop of color.

Pink Dahlia Flower

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Flowers shows the spirit of life to all. They live for a single day but they spread happiness in this World and extend the message to live with full life no matter what will happen next. By watching them we can feel calmness and peace to Our soul

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