World Population Day – July 11th

World Population Day – July 11th


“With nearly 60 million individuals having fled conflict or disaster, women and adolescent girls are particularly vulnerable. Violent extremists and armed groups are committing terrible abuses that result in trauma, unintended pregnancy and infection with HIV and other diseases.”  — Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

World Population day is an annual event, observed on July 11 every year, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues. The event was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program in 1989. It was inspired by the public interest in Five Billion Day on July 11, 1987-approximately the date on which the world’s population reached five billion people.


In 1968 world leaders proclaimed that individuals had a basic human right to determine freely and responsibly the number and timing of their children. About 40 years later modern contraception remains out of reach for millions of women, men and young people. World Population Day was instituted in 1989 as an outgrowth of the Day of Five Billion, marked on July 11, 1987. The UN authorized the event as a vehicle to build an awareness of population issues and the impact they have on development and the environment.

Since then, with the United Nations Population Fund’s (UNFPA) encouragement, governments, non-governmental organizations, institutions and individuals organize various educational activities to celebrate the annual event.


The theme for the year 2016 is ‘Investing in teenage girls.’

Teenage girls around the world face enormous challenges. Many are considered by their communities or parents to be ready for marriage and motherhood. Many are forced from school, damaging their future prospects. Even among girls who stay in school, access to basic information about their health, human rights and reproductive rights can be hard to come by, leaving them vulnerable to illness, injury and exploitation. These challenges are exacerbated among marginalized girls, such as members of ethnic minorities or those living in poverty or remote areas.

Yet when teenage girls are empowered, when they know about their rights and are given the tools to succeed, they become agents of positive change in their communities.

List of Countries with Population

RankCountry (or dependent territory)PopulationDate% of world populationSource
1China1,377,077,514June 17, 201618.79%Official population clock
2India1,285,758,969201617.54%Official estimate
3United States323,790,000June 17, 20164.42%Official population clock
4Indonesia258,705,000July 1, 20163.53%Official projection
5Brazil206,036,761June 17, 20162.81%Official population clock
6Pakistan193,922,354June 17, 20162.65%Official population clock
7Nigeria186,988,000July 1, 20162.55%UN Projection
8Bangladesh160,879,586June 17, 20162.2%Official population clock
9Russia146,600,000April 1, 20162%Official estimate
10Japan126,960,000May 1, 20161.73%Official monthly estimate
11Mexico122,273,473July 1, 20161.67%Official projection
12Philippines103,242,900July 1, 20161.41%Official projection
13Ethiopia92,206,005July 1, 20161.26%Official projection
14Vietnam91,700,000July 1, 20151.25%Annual official estimate
15Egypt91,065,875June 17, 20161.24%Official population clock
16Democratic Republic of the Congo85,026,000July 1, 20151.16%Official projection
17Germany81,770,900September 30, 20151.12%Official estimate
18Iran79,315,900June 17, 20161.08%Official population clock
19Turkey78,741,053December 31, 20151.07%Annual official estimate
20France66,689,000May 1, 20160.91%Monthly official estimate
21Thailand65,314,496June 17, 20160.89%Official population clock
22United Kingdom65,097,000January 1, 20160.89%Official projection
23Italy60,665,551January 1, 20160.83%Official estimate
24Tanzania55,155,000July 1, 20160.75%UN projection
25South Africa54,956,900July 1, 20150.75%Annual official estimate
26Myanmar51,419,420March 29, 20140.7%Preliminary 2014 census result
27South Korea50,801,405July 1, 20160.69%Annual official estimate
28Colombia48,727,882June 17, 20160.66%Official population clock
29Kenya47,251,000July 1, 20160.64%UN projection
30Spain46,423,064July 1, 20150.63%Official estimate
31Argentina43,590,400July 1, 20160.59%Official annual projection
32Ukraine42,708,647April 1, 20160.58%Monthly official estimate
33Algeria40,400,000January 1, 20160.55%Official annual projection
34Sudan39,598,700July 1, 20160.54%Official annual projection
35Poland38,437,239December 31, 20150.52%Official estimate
36Iraq37,883,543July 1, 20160.52%Official annual projection
37Canada36,155,487April 1, 20160.49%Official estimate
38Uganda33,860,700July 1, 20160.5%Official annual projection
39Morocco33,337,529September 1, 20140.45%Preliminary 2014 census result
40Saudi Arabia32,248,200July 1, 20160.44%Official annual projection
41Uzbekistan31,576,400January 1, 20160.43%Official estimate
42Peru31,488,700July 1, 20160.43%Official annual projection
43Malaysia31,381,568June 17, 20160.43%Official population clock
44Venezuela31,028,700July 1, 20160.42%Official annual projection
45Nepal28,431,500July 1, 20160.39%Official annual projection
46Ghana27,670,174July 1, 20150.38%Official annual projection
47Afghanistan27,657,145July 1, 20160.38%Annual official estimate
48Yemen27,478,000July 1, 20160.37%UN projection
49Mozambique26,423,700July 1, 20160.36%Annual official projection
50Angola25,868,000July 1, 20160.35%Official annual projection
51North Korea25,281,000July 1, 20160.34%UN projection
52Australia24,099,430June 17, 20160.33%Official population clock
53Taiwan23,503,349May 30, 20160.32%Monthly official estimate
54Cameroon22,709,892July 1, 20160.31%Annual official projection
55Ivory Coast22,671,331May 15, 20140.31%Preliminary 2014 census result
56Madagascar22,434,363July 1, 20140.31%Official estimate
57Sri Lanka20,966,000July 1, 20150.29%Official estimate
58Niger20,715,000July 1, 20160.28%UN projection
59Romania19,861,400January 1, 20150.27%Annual official estimate
60Burkina Faso19,034,397July 1, 20160.26%Annual official projection
61Syria18,564,000July 1, 20160.25%UN projection
62Chile18,191,900July 1, 20160.25%Official annual projection
63Mali18,135,000July 1, 20160.25%UN projection
64Kazakhstan17,753,200May 1, 20160.24%Monthly official estimate
65Netherlands17,015,840June 17, 20160.23%Official population clock
66Malawi16,832,910July 1, 20160.23%Official annual projection
67Ecuador16,278,844July 1, 20150.22%Official estimate
68Guatemala16,176,133July 1, 20150.22%Official estimate
69Zambia15,933,883July 1, 20160.22%Official annual projection
70Cambodia15,626,444July 1, 20160.21%Official annual projection
71Senegal14,799,85920160.2%Official annual projection
72Chad14,497,000July 1, 20160.2%UN projection
73Zimbabwe14,240,168July 1, 20160.19%Official annual projection
74Guinea12,947,000July 1, 20160.18%UN projection
75South Sudan12,131,000July 1, 20160.17%Official annual projection
76Rwanda11,553,188July 1, 20160.16%Official projection
77Belgium11,316,587April 1, 20160.15%Monthly official estimate
78Cuba11,238,317December 31, 20140.15%Annual official estimate
79Tunisia11,154,400July 1, 20150.15%Official estimate
80Somalia11,079,000July 1, 20160.15%UN projection
81Haiti11,078,033July 1, 20160.15%Official projection
82Bolivia10,985,059July 1, 20160.15%Official projection
83Greece10,858,018January 1, 20150.15%Official estimate
84Benin10,653,654July 1, 20160.15%Official projection
85Czech Republic10,553,843December 31, 20150.14%Official quarterly estimate
86Portugal10,374,822December 31, 20140.14%Annual official estimate
87Burundi10,114,505July 1, 20160.14%Official annual projection
88Dominican Republic10,075,045July 1, 20160.14%Official projection
89Sweden9,884,285April 30, 20160.13%Monthly official estimate
90United Arab Emirates9,856,000July 1, 20160.13%Official annual projection
91Hungary9,823,000January 1, 20160.13%Annual official estimate
92Azerbaijan9,730,500April 1, 20160.13%Official estimate
93Jordan9,531,712November 30, 20150.13%Preliminary 2015 census result
94Belarus9,498,700April 1, 20160.13%Quarterly official estimate
95Austria8,725,931April 1, 20160.12%Quarterly provisional figure
96Honduras8,576,532July 1, 20150.12%Official estimate
97Tajikistan8,547,000January 1, 20160.12%Official estimate
98Israel8,515,100April 30, 20160.12%Monthly official estimate
99Switzerland8,325,194December 31, 20150.11%Quarterly provisional figure
100Papua New Guinea8,083,700July 1, 20150.11%Annual official estimate
Hong Kong (China)7,324,300December 31, 20150.1%Official estimate
101Bulgaria7,153,784December 31, 20150.098%Official estimate
102Togo7,143,000July 1, 20160.097%Official estimate
103Serbia7,114,393January 1, 20150.097%Annual official estimate
104Sierra Leone7,075,641December 18, 20150.097%Preliminary 2015 census result
105Paraguay6,854,53620160.094%Official estimate
106El Salvador6,520,67520160.089%Official estimate
107Laos6,472,400March 1, 20150.088%Preliminary 2015 census result
108Libya6,385,000July 1, 20160.087%Official annual projection
109Nicaragua6,262,70320150.085%Official estimate
110Kyrgyzstan6,047,800April 1, 20160.083%Official estimate
111Lebanon5,988,000July 1, 20160.082%UN projection
112Denmark5,717,014April 1, 20160.078%Quarterly official estimate
113Singapore5,535,000July 1, 20150.076%Official estimate
114Finland5,491,817May 31, 20160.075%Monthly official estimate
115Slovakia5,426,252December 31, 20150.074%Official estimate
116Eritrea5,352,000July 1, 20160.073%UN projection
117Norway5,223,256April 1, 20160.071%Quarterly official estimate
118Central African Republic4,998,000July 1, 20160.068%UN projection
119Costa Rica4,832,234June 30, 20150.066%Official estimate
120Palestine4,816,503July 1, 20160.066%Official estimate
121Turkmenistan4,751,120December 26, 20120.065%Preliminary 2012 census result
122Republic of the Congo4,741,000July 1, 20160.065%UN projection
123New Zealand4,695,648June 17, 20160.064%Official population clock
124Ireland4,635,400April 1, 20150.063%Annual official estimate
125Liberia4,615,000July 1, 20160.063%UN projection
126Oman4,435,086June 10, 20160.061%Official estimate
Puntland (Somalia)4,284,633May 27, 20150.058%Official estimate
127Croatia4,225,316December 31, 20140.058%Annual official estimate
128Kuwait4,183,658June 30, 20150.057%Official estimate
Somaliland (Somalia)3,850,00020090.053%Official estimate
129Panama3,814,672July 1, 20160.052%Official estimate
130Bosnia and Herzegovina3,791,622October 15, 20130.052%Preliminary 2013 census result
131Georgia3,720,400January 1, 20160.051%Annual official estimate
132Mauritania3,718,678July 1, 20160.051%Annual official projection
133Moldova3,553,100January 1, 20160.048%Official estimate
134Uruguay3,480,222June 30, 20160.047%Annual official estimate
Puerto Rico (U.S.)3,474,182July 1, 20150.047%Official estimate
135Mongolia3,089,250June 17, 20160.042%Official population clock
136Armenia2,994,400April 1, 20160.041%Quarterly official estimate
137Albania2,886,026January 1, 20160.039%Annual official estimate
138Lithuania2,872,294June 1, 20160.039%Monthly official estimate
139Jamaica2,723,246December 31, 20140.037%Official estimate
140Qatar2,587,564May 31, 20160.035%Monthly official estimate
141Namibia2,324,388July 1, 20160.032%Official projection
142Botswana2,141,206July 1, 20140.029%Official estimate
143Macedonia2,069,172December 31, 20140.028%Official estimate
144Slovenia2,064,188January 1, 20160.028%Official estimate
145Latvia1,962,700May 1, 20160.027%Monthly official estimate
146Lesotho1,894,19420110.026%Official estimate
147The Gambia1,882,450April 15, 20130.026%Preliminary 2013 census result
148Kosovo1,836,97820160.025%Official annual projection
149Gabon1,802,278October 5, 20130.025%Preliminary 2013 census result
150Guinea-Bissau1,547,777July 1, 20160.021%Official projection
151Bahrain1,404,900July 1, 20160.019%Official annual projection
152Trinidad and Tobago1,349,667July 1, 20150.018%Official estimate
153Estonia1,315,944January 1, 20160.018%Official estimate
154Mauritius1,262,879July 1, 20150.017%Official estimate
155Equatorial Guinea1,222,442July 4, 20150.017%Preliminary 2015 census result
156East Timor1,167,242July 11, 20150.016%Preliminary 2015 census result
157Swaziland1,132,657July 1, 20160.015%Official projection
158Djibouti900,000July 1, 20160.012%UN projection
159Fiji867,000July 1, 20150.0118%Annual official estimate
160Cyprus847,000December 31, 20140.012%Official estimate
Réunion (France)843,529January 1, 20150.0115%Annual official estimate
161Comoros806,153July 1, 20160.011%Official estimate
162Bhutan774,830June 17, 20160.0106%Official population clock
163Guyana746,900July 1, 20130.01%Official estimate
Macau (China)649,100March 31, 20160.009%Official quarterly estimate
164Solomon Islands642,000July 1, 20150.009%Annual official estimate
165Montenegro621,810July 1, 20140.008%Official estimate
166Luxembourg576,200December 31, 20150.0079%Annual official estimate
167Suriname541,638August 13, 20120.0074%Final 2012 census result
168Cape Verde531,239July 1, 20160.0072%Official annual projection
169Western Sahara510,713September 1, 20140.007%Preliminary 2014 census result
Transnistria505,153January 1, 20140.007%Official estimate
170Malta425,384December 31, 20130.0058%Official estimate
171Brunei411,900July 1, 20140.0056%Official annual estimate
Guadeloupe (France)400,132January 1, 20150.0055%Annual official estimate
Martinique (France)378,243January 1, 20150.0052%Annual official estimate
172The Bahamas378,040July 1, 20160.0052%Official projection
173Belize370,300September 1, 20150.0051%Official estimate
174Maldives344,023September 20, 20140.0047%Preliminary 2014 census result
175Iceland332,529January 1, 20160.0045%Annual official estimate
Northern Cyprus294,396December 4, 20110.004%2011 census result
176Barbados285,000July 1, 20160.0039%UN projection
177Vanuatu277,500July 1, 20150.0038%Annual official estimate
French Polynesia (France)271,800December 31, 20140.0037%Official estimate
New Caledonia (France)268,767August 26, 20140.0037%Preliminary 2014 census result
French Guiana (France)254,541January 1, 20150.0035%Annual official estimate
Abkhazia240,705February 28, 20110.0033%2011 census result
Mayotte (France)226,915January 1, 20150.0031%Annual official estimate
178Samoa187,820November 7, 20110.0026%2011 census result
179São Tomé and Príncipe187,356May 13, 20120.0026%2012 census result
180Saint Lucia186,000July 1, 20160.0025%UN projection
Guam (U.S.)184,200July 1, 20150.0025%Annual official estimate
Curaçao (Netherlands)154,843January 1, 20140.0021%Annual official estimate
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic148,90020140.002%Official estimate
181Kiribati113,400July 1, 20150.0015%Annual official estimate
182Saint Vincent and the Grenadines109,991June 12, 20120.0015%Preliminary 2012 census result
Aruba (Netherlands)107,394October 31, 20140.0015%Official quarterly estimate
United States Virgin Islands (U.S.)106,000July 1, 20160.0014%UN projection
183Grenada103,328May 12, 20110.0014%2011 census result
184Tonga103,252November 30, 20110.0014%2011 census result
185Federated States of Micronesia102,800July 1, 20150.0014%Annual official estimate
Jersey (UK)100,800December 31, 20140.0014%Annual official estimate
186Seychelles91,400July 1, 20140.0012%Annual official estimate
187Antigua and Barbuda86,295May 27, 20110.0012%Preliminary 2011 census result
Isle of Man (UK)84,497March 27, 20110.0012%2011 census result
188Andorra78,014December 31, 20150.0011%Annual official estimate
189Dominica71,293May 14, 20110.00097%Preliminary 2011 census result
Guernsey (UK)62,999June 30, 20150.00086%Official estimate
Bermuda (UK)61,954July 1, 20130.00085%Official estimate
Cayman Islands (UK)58,238December 31, 20140.00079%Official estimate
American Samoa (U.S.)57,100July 1, 20150.00078%Annual official estimate
Northern Mariana Islands (U.S.)56,940July 1, 20150.00078%Annual official estimate
Greenland (Denmark)55,847January 1, 20160.00076%Annual official estimate
190Marshall Islands54,880July 1, 20150.00075%Annual official estimate
South Ossetia53,559October 15, 20150.00073%Official estimate
Faroe Islands (Denmark)49,376May 1, 20160.00067%Monthly official estimate
191Saint Kitts and Nevis46,204May 15, 20110.00063%2011 census result
Sint Maarten (Netherlands)38,247January 1, 20150.00052%Official estimate
192Monaco38,400December 31, 20150.00052%Annual official estimate
193Liechtenstein37,623December 31, 20150.00051%Semi annual official estimate
Saint-Martin (France)36,457January 1, 20150.0005%Annual official estimate
Gibraltar (UK)33,140December 31, 20140.00045%Annual official estimate
194San Marino33,005December 31, 20150.00045%Monthly official estimate
Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)31,458January 25, 20120.00043%2012 census result
British Virgin Islands (UK)28,514July 1, 20130.00039%Official estimate
Bonaire (Netherlands)18,905January 1, 20150.00026%Official estimate
195Cook Islands18,100March 1, 20160.00025%Official quarterly estimate
196Palau17,950July 1, 20150.00024%Annual official estimate
Anguilla (UK)13,452May 11, 20110.00018%Preliminary 2011 census result
Wallis and Futuna (France)11,750July 1, 20150.00016%Annual official estimate
197Tuvalu10,640November 4, 20120.00015%2012 census result
198Nauru10,084October 30, 20110.00014%2011 census result
Saint Barthélemy (France)9,417January 1, 20150.00013%Annual official estimate
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)6,069January 1, 20120.000083%Annual official estimate
Montserrat (UK)4,922May 12, 20110.000067%2011 census result
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (UK)4,255February 10, 20080.000058%2008 census result
Sint Eustatius (Netherlands)3,877January 1, 20150.000053%Official estimate
Falkland Islands (UK)2,563April 15, 20120.000035%2012 census result
Norfolk Island (Australia)2,302August 9, 20110.000031%2011 census result
Christmas Island (Australia)2,072August 9, 20110.000028%2011 census result
Saba (Netherlands)1,811January 1, 20150.000025%Official estimate
199Niue1,470July 1, 20150.000020%Annual official estimate
Tokelau (NZ)1,411October 18, 20110.000019%2011 census result
200Vatican City839July 1, 20120.000011%Official estimate
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia)550August 9, 20110.0000075%2011 census result
Pitcairn Islands (UK)56July 1, 20140.000000076%Official estimate