International Day of Action for Rivers

International Day of Action for Rivers

Rivers are the lifline for our planet. It is not only important for the animals or amphibians but also for the people living on the land. Any living being need water to survive in this world and no one can live without water for more than a week.


Current environment problems like pollution, global warming are increasing in alarming rate. In this category water pollution is a major problem we are facing now and it will increase rapidly in coming time. Ground Water Levels are dropping due to access water pumping in different regions, weather cycle routine is damaged and dropping garbage and pollutants in rivers and ponds causing scarce for fresh water for drinking and cooking purposes.

For raising this topic every year on 14th March people around the world in thousand of numbers raises their voices to celebrate the world’s rivers and those who struggle to protect them.

So what is International Day of Action for Rivers

This is a day against dams on the river, and for the restoration of river, water and life. It was adopted by the participants of the first International Meeting of People Affected by Dams, March 1997 in Curitiba Brazil.

Representatives from 20 countries decided that the International Day of Action would take place on March 14 – Brazil’s Day of Action Against Large Dams. The aim on International Day of Action for Rivers, is to raise the voices in unison against destructive water development projects, reclaim the health of  watersheds, and demand the equitable and sustainable management of our rivers.